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Clivia Open Days 2018

Posted on 26th Aug 2018 @ 1:08 PM

The Clivia open days will be held from Friday 14 September to Sunday 16 September 2018.  This will provide enthusiasts with an opportunity to see and purchase flowering clivia and other plants.  The nursery will be open from 9.00am to 3.00pm each day. These open days provide a wonderful opportunity to see what's new and also purchase clivia in flower. We expect this year to have even more bronzes, reds, group 2 yellows with green throats and multipetals available in flower.

Also we will be selling off a large number of orange, yellow and peach flowering clivia in 250mm pots from $25 each. These are ex stock plants used for breeding purposes and many are multi-planted. 



A full range of other plants we grow will be available for sale, including agapanthus, buddleias, ferns, ficus, fruit trees, grasses, ground covers, herbs, iris, lavenders, miniature murraya and warm climate bulbs.  

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