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Agapanthus Blitzza™ - New Release

Posted on 12th Dec 2015 @ 9:02 AM

Blitzza™, is an exciting new evergreen white flowering agapanthus bred by Pine Mountain Botanics Pty Ltd.  The majority of large white flowering agapanthus in the market today are seed grown with variable quality flowering umbels.  Because they are seed grown, many unintentionally flower blue due to cross contamination as the blue flowering gene is dominant over the recessive white flowering gene.  To overcome these deficiencies with seed grown agapanthus, Pine Mountain Botanics Pty Ltd bred a new pure white tall flowering agapanthus and named it Blitzza™.  Blitzza is a vigous fast clumping agapanthus with pure white flowers on stems to 1.2m.  Blitzzais propagated from tissue culture to ensure uniformity and stability of flowering. Blitzzatypically flowers from early summer adding a beautiful white flowering impact to gardens over the summer season. 

Blitzza™ is also available to retail nurseries and landscapers from Nursery Traders in Brisbane.  For trade inquiries, please contact Pine Mountain Botanics Pty Ltd, email - pinemountainbotanics@bigpond.com



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