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Named after the nymph Liriope. An evergreen perennial plant forming clumps of grass like dark green leaves producing upright spikes of flowers.

Most varieties form tight clumps and flowering from as early as spring until late autumn. The flowers are all bell shaped, and are formed as clusters on spikes. Most varieties produce violet-purple coloured flowers, however there are some that produce pink or white flowers.

Landscapers and gardeners have been using Liriope's for many years, mostly because they are very hardy and versitle plants which grow just about anywhere, and produce flowers with ease. This is a low maintenance plant rarely attacked by pests and diseases and grows well Australia wide.

If planting on mass to create a border, space your plants at approximately 20 to 30 cm apart, depending upon affect. Score the roots with a knife to encourage new root development and help your liriope establish sooner.  After planting, water in with a liquid fertiliser and thereafter aply a slow release fertiliser around the base of the plants 2 to 3 times a year.  For best results, Liriope prefer a rich, moist and well drained soil. They prefer a low lime content, free draining soil.

For further information on planting, pests and dieseases please visit http://www.liriope.com.au/. We grow a range of cultivars including Evergreen Giant, Monroe's White, Muscari, Muscari Variegata, Royal Purple, Samantha, Silver Dragon and Summer BeautyIf any of the above varieties are not currently detailed below it does not mean that we do not have them in stock so please contact us to ascertain stock levels or release times.