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Clivia Seed

Clivia Seed Sales

We grow a lot of our clivia up to flowering which enables us to better understand and improve our breeding programs and plant selection. Each year we select and retain only the best clivia miniata plants in terms of a range of criterion including plant vigour, foliage and importantly flower colour, shape and size.  

We do not often sell seed as most is germinated and grown on.  As with all seed grown clivia, genetic variation can be observed in leaf shape, width, length and flower petals will differ in shape, length, width and colour so it does not make much sense to individualise crosses.  Just like children seed grown clivia miniata end up all different but some might exhibit some of the traits of the parents. Accordingly, we use pollen bombs comprising a mix of pollens from our best clivia in our breeding programs. We also review and upgrade our breeding stock each flowering season. This ensures diversity and improvement in our breeding programs. 

This year a small quantity of seed is being released at very reasonable prices in packs of 20 or less seeds.  All seed is harvested fresh at the time orders are placed to ensure the highest germination rates. We never store harvested seed for sale. Seed can be harvested and stored under cool conditions for more than one year but often tends to have lower and slower germination rates and seedlings may exhibit less vigour. 

Please do not order multiple packs of the same seeds as the intention is to only sell a small quantity of seed in 2017.  Seed raising notes are provided.

If you are only purchasing clivia seed rather than combining it with plant purchases then please purchase postage for seeds under this category.  Postage in Australia is $5.50 per order. Sorry but no international seed sales. 

Shown below is our germination table which holds about 10,000 seed at a time.