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Flowered Clivia Interspecifics

We are taking the guess work out of interspecifics by offering flowered plants. The plants offered here are either one off flowered interspecifics or offsets.  Unless advised otherwise there is one plant per category offered so please do not order multiple lots of the one interspecific. 

In some cases the interspecific may be a first cross, for example, miniata x caulescens, or a second cross, for example, a (miniata x caulescens) x miniata or a (miniata x caulescens) x gardenii and so on.  The more crosses in the background of the plant the more potential it may offer in a breeding program but that is generally a matter of judgement based upon the desired attributes being sought after. Our interspecifics are created from caulecsens, nobilis, gardenii and miniata and these are often intercrossed from one generation to the next.