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Clivia, Gardenii

Clivia gardenii was named after Major Robert Garden who was stationed in KwaZulu Natal as a soldier between 1848 - 1853. C. gardenii usually has 10 to 20 flowers on long stems to 75 cm in height.  The pendulating, slightly curved flowers range in colours from dull orange to brick red, both of which then merge into yellow and finally into green tips. It flowers from late Autumn to early Winter.  It makes a beautiful addition to the shady garden. It is apparently able to tolerate fairly dry conditions, the roots are fleshy and have water storage capabilities. This makes it a wonderful waterwise garden plant. It is also an excellent pot specimen that requires a well drained humus-rich potting medium. If planted in very deep shade, flowering may be adversely affected.  They should be planted in a shady position in well drained soil.